India Coronavirus Emergency Fund

India Coronavirus Emergency Fund
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Gasping for breath

“Give charity without delay for it stands in the way of calamity.” Tirmidhi

£1,260 Oxygen Concentrator – Provide a concentrator that delivers continuous oxygen by drawing air from the environment and never runs out or needs refilling.

£115 Oxygen Cylinders – Provide life-saving oxygen to a COVID-19 patient struggling to breathe.

£45 – Food Pack – Provide an Indian family struggling in the pandemic with a nutritious food parcel.

Coronavirus is ravaging India. As cases surpass 18 million, hospitals are turning people away. Oxygen and beds have run out and there is an urgent and rapid need for oxygen, PPE, and other critical medical equipment.

The COVID-19 crisis in India has been described as ‘beyond comprehension,’ with relatives watching helplessly as their loved ones, struggling to breathe, are turned away from healthcare facilities.

As of 29th April, India's health ministry announced a staggering 379,257 new cases and 3,645 new deaths in the past 24 hours. India’s big cities have been devastated, with Delhi's infection rate reported to be four times India's average. The virus is also rapidly spreading in many smaller cities, towns, and villages where the crisis is largely under-reported.

As hospitals and clinics across India run out of beds and the price of critical medical resources skyrocket, Delhi has extended its lockdown as overcrowded hospitals continue to turn patients away. Our help is desperately needed.

Change starts here

Coronavirus is out of control in India. In response, Human Appeal is providing vital oxygen and other critical medical equipment, such as PPE and thermometers, to hospitals in Delhi, one of India’s worst affected areas, but we can do nothing without your support.

Please join us in India’s battle against the pandemic. If we do not act, many more lives will be lost. Your donation can provide life-giving oxygen and other vital medical supplies, saving lives and supporting families during this critical time.

Just one donation could be the difference between life or death. Please help India to breathe and give generously today.