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UK Domestic Violence Support Fund
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Support for families fleeing domestic abuse

“The believers are like one body in their mutual love and affection: if one limb is injured, the rest responds with sleeplessness and fever.” (Bukhari)

Trapped in violence. Those in abusive relationships have been deeply affected by the pandemic; 75% said that it made it harder for them to escape.

Provide a person fleeing domestic violence with a cash grant so that they can buy essential items in the immediate aftermath.

Help abuse victims to survive

67% of women in abusive relationships said that the violence worsened during lockdown, and also made it harder for them to escape the abuse. During the first lockdown, there was a 700% increase in calls to the UK’s largest domestic charity helpline.

Our cash grants will help survivors of abuse to have immediate, vital support when leaving abusive relationships. Most people who leave abusive relationships have to escape quickly, taking with them little to no belongings. Until their cases are assessed by the government, they are often completely dependent on external help.

Typically, women use these grants to buy blankets, crockery, hygiene items, and clothes. In this Zakat-applicable project we’ll be working with domestic violence refuges, especially those that support Muslim women fleeing violence. In all, we want to help 40 women to survive the immediate aftermath through these cash grants.

Why give through Human Appeal?

We’ve been supporting vulnerable people for 30 years, building enduring bonds and decades of experience.

Last year, your charity allowed us to support a massive 3,782,785 people. We supported over 10,000 people in the UK, including women fleeing domestic violence during COVID-19.

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