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Organic, eco-friendly hydroponic farms

“Those who spend their wealth in Allah’s cause are like grains of corn which produce seven ears, each bearing a hundred grains.” (2:261)

Livelihoods decimated over and over. Families in Rawalpindi are struggling to support themselves as their farms have been destroyed by cyclical drought and pests. Provide a hydroponic farm that recycles water while producing more yield to help families to break the cycle.

£1,000 - Provide a family with a hydroponic farm, growing produce that they sell for profit.

Families struggling to survive

A hydroponic farm grows plants densely-packed directly in water. They’re eco-friendly, and pesticide-free farm, producing quality organic vegetables and a stable income for vulnerable families.

Soil degradation is a growing problem in Pakistan, and the demand for food continues to grow as the population rises. Farmers in Rawalpindi have seen their harvest decimated by pests and drought. Our hydroponic farms can change that: they recycle water and don’t require pesticides, they grow faster, produce more fruit, and need less space, helping the most vulnerable families to break the cycle and build a changed future.

A simple farming model to change lives

We’re installing a model farm, where we’ll train and instruct 50 farmers – including at least 10 women – on hydroponic farming.

Donate and provide one of these trained farmers with the equipment and tools to start a hydroponic farm, producing fruits and vegetables that they can sell for profit and support their family.

Our work in Pakistan

Human Appeal has been working in Pakistan for 15 years. Last year, we helped 372,208 people in Pakistan through projects that provide sustainable clean water, livelihood training, solar-powered electricity, and food security.

Change the future for one vulnerable farmer and their family, allowing them to build a fruitful future.

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