Best 10 days tour
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The Best 10 Days Tour

Join Shaykh Ammar Alshukry for an uplifting evening of inspiration, Qur’an recitation and remembrance, in the best ten days of the year.

When referring to the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah, Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “There are no days on which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days” (Bukhari)

Join the esteemed Shaykh Ammar Alshukry for an uplifting evening of inspirational reminders and beautiful, imaan-boosting recitation of the Holy Qur’an during the best ten days of the year.

The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah are the best in the entire year, and offer opportunities for ample reward, mercy and blessings. Coming to a mosque near you, we’re offering an evening of deep reflection, remembrance of Allah and inspirational reminders, for all the family.

Our guests

  • Shaykh Ammar Alshukry
    Shaykh Ammar Alshukry

    Shaykh Ammar Alshukry

    Shaykh Ammar hails from Sudan and was raised in Queens, New York. When living in Sudan at a young age, Ammar began his studies in the Arabic language. After returning to New York, he benefited from a local scholarship in a wide variety of Islamic Sciences. He continued his studies in Houston with renowned scholars such as Dr. Salah Al-Sawy, and completed an extensive study with Dr. Waleed Basyouni. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Sciences from the AlMaghrib Institute. He is the author of “What the Pen Wrote,” Imam and Resident Scholar of River Oaks Islamic Centre in Houston, and the Content Director for Faith Essentials and FaithIQ.

Attend an event at a city near you

Sunday 11th July Croydon Masjid* 177 Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 7JP. After Dhuhr - 1.45pm

Sunday 11th July Al Muzzammil Mosque, 8 Gatton Rd, London, SW17. After Maghrib

Monday 12th July Central Jamia Masjid* Montague Way, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 5PA. After Maghrib

Tuesday 13th July Hayes Muslim Centre, 3 Pump Lane, Hayes, UB3 3NB. After Maghrib

Wednesday 14th July, Greenwich Islamic Centre, 131 Plumstead Rd, London. SE18 7DW. After Asr, 6pm

Thursday 15th July, London Colney Islamic Centre* London Colney, St Albans, AL2 1JY. After Asr, 7.15pm

Friday 16th July, Qalam Masjid 292-294 Kilburn High Rd, London, NW6 2DB. After Maghrib 9.15pm

Saturday 17th July, Al Furqan MCR, 42 Great Southern St, Rusholme, Manchester. M14 4EZ. After Maghrib  

Saturday 17th July, Muslim Student House 517 Moseley Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, B12 9BX. After Duhr 1:45pm

Sunday 18th July, Al Rahma Mosque Liverpool, 29-31 Hatherley St, Liverpool, L8 2TJ. After Dhuhr 1:30pm

Sunday 18th July Islam Bradford, 1 City Rd, Bradford, BD8 8ER. After Asr

Monday 20th July Eid prayer – TBC

*Brothers only 

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In aid of Palestine

Palestine has faced over seven decades of suffering. Since May 2021, there has been an intensification of conflict resulting in hundreds of lives lost, thousands injured and entire communities reduced to rubble. Families have been torn apart and children have been left orphans. While there has been a ceasefire called, the people of Palestine continue to suffer, and we need to support them in rebuilding their lives.

Reap the rewards of this blessed month

Attend an event at a city near you and reap the bountiful rewards of the best ten days of the year. Make the most of Dhul Hijjah.